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Cranes – Transportation NTENTAS | Thessaloniki

Cranes – Transportation NTENTAS | Thessaloniki

NTENTAS company in Thessaloniki, is active in the field of crane transport since 1980. Our main business is the rental of lifting equipment and the execution of special and specialized transport with cranes. Our services are offered with responsibility and safety.In our facilities in Thessaloniki, we have state-of-the-art machinery and specialized operators in order to execute your transport needs with precision and consistency. All our operators have the necessary certificates required by law and are distinguished for their experience and professional training.

Our machinery (cranes, hoists, forklifts) have certificates of good working order and are insured and mechanically tested offering 100% reliability in the services we provide. Thus we can undertake special transports, machinery placement, towing, lifting operations and even boat transfers to any point you indicate.

At NTENTAS company in Thessaloniki, through our many years of experience, the professionalism of our staff and the execution of complex transportation tasks, we have established ourselves in our industry as a responsible and consistent partner serving all of Greece.

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Special Transports


The philosophy of our company

Our main goal is to provide excellent and reliable crane and transport services.


We focus mainly on the proper equipment and use of transport.


We consider it a constant challenge to offer customized solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers, always with the highest level of service.


Our customers and our own capabilities are the guideline for everything we do.

NTENTAS. Cranes - Transportation.
NTENTAS. Cranes - Transportation.


Satisfied customers are the basis of our success.

We live from our customers.

  1. We listen carefully and learn from the tasks our customers give us. In this way, we continuously improve our services and our long-term business relationships.
  2. Cranes – Dentas Company provides its services with high quality (latest generation) equipment.
  3. We provide a comprehensive service, including an on-site visit and the creation of a crane study (CAD-based dispatch planning).

We create real added value for our customers’ products.

NTENTAS. Cranes - Transportation.


Innovation is focused on our main areas of activity.

Together with our customers and suppliers, we develop and deliver innovative solutions.

  1. Our crane/transport solutions ensure that our customers’ orders can be transported, installed and stored intact
  2. Our cranes are purchased and used on the basis of international standards after research in the field of technology and communication with international crane manufacturers.
  3. To develop new business opportunities we are interested in partnerships.

Our innovations are primarily oriented towards better application of our cranes and increasing added value.

NTENTAS. Cranes - Transportation
NTENTAS. Cranes - Transportation
NTENTAS. Cranes - Transportation
NTENTAS. Cranes - Transportation


A family business with values.

  1. The continued existence of Geranoi – NTENTAS as a family business is a top priority.
  2. Our family business philosophy offers a high degree of personal development opportunities and requires personal commitment, responsibility and cooperation. This includes not only maintaining successful tradition and human bonds, but also flexibility, quick decisions and responsiveness to needs.
  3. Our business actions take into account in a broader sense environmental and social responsibility. Our style is honest, simple and focused on development.
  4. At Cranes – Ntentas, we create long-term relationships with our customers based on the healthy relationship that exists between us.
  5. Efficiency, resource utilization and value creation are essential to maintain the financial strength of the company.